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We are a Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies clinic located in Essendon.

Waratah Healing provides complementary therapies that aim to relieve pain and tension and help to align the body’s energy system in order for better functioning. Our therapies aim to relieve both acute and chronic issues ranging from emotional to sporting and other injuries.


Many clients seek complementary therapies in conjunction with Western Medicine as treatments can provide an opportunity for the body and mind to relax and rejuvenate, allowing healing to take place. This can have a positive effect on sleep, digestive function, mood, diet and pain relief.


We believe that environment, diet, lifestyle, emotions and genetics all play a part in illness. We provide a holistic approach to your health care. Whether you have just started a health kick or you have been interested in alternative therapies for some time, we cater for wherever you are at with your health regime.


Through regular treatments, incorporating dietary therapy and lifestyle advice many people find that even a slight alteration to their overall routine and lifestyle can make big differences to their physical and emotional health. We work with you to formulate solutions that are unique to your individual needs.


We look forward to continuing the journey with our existing clients and welcome new clients to Waratah Healing!