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A shiatsu treatment is similar to a massage in that it is a form of ‘bodywork’. It is performed whilst the client is fully clothed and lying on a traditional Japanese Futon mat. The treatments can involve palm pressure, finger pressure, rubbing, kneading, various stretches and rotations of the limbs.


The beauty of shiatsu is that is incorporates;

Diagnosis – based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, through questioning, pulse taking and palpation of Hara (abdomen), we will form a dignosis in order for treatment to begin.

Targeted – Although a person may present with more that one injury /illness we will work with you to target the most acute, whilst addressing long term chronic illness. The treatment is unique to you.

Holistic – we will consider your current therapies, medication, sleep, activity, energy level, digestive function, emotional state, and constitution. We work with you for a path to better health, that will be complementary to any western treatments you may be receiving.


Shiatsu can assist in treating headaches, muscle tension, back pain, sleep issues, colds, cough, anxiety and depression, emotional issues, stress, chronic fatigue, menopause, digestive disorders, respiratory issues and any soft-tissue injuries.

Shiatsu can be safely performed on pregnant women, people with disabilities, children, older adults and post-operative.