Standard consultation and treatment

45 minute treatment / $80

This treatment includes consultation, diagnosis, massage and holistic lifestyle recommendations such as dietary and movement advice. Digestive health, pain, mobility, sleep, energy and lifestyle all come into consideration.

Acute and chronic illness can be addressed such as coughs and colds, injuries, sleep disturbance, headaches and anxiety.


Extended consultation and treatment

90 minute treatment / $140

The 90 minute treatment is a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Often used when you are run down or overworked, experiencing grief, sleep disturbances, or chronic illness. Particularly effective for post natal care.


Children’s Shiatsu 

30 minute treatment / $55 (under 12 years), $70 (over 12 years)

Children benefit immensely from the grounding effects of shiatsu – it helps to calm the nervous system and balance emotions. Children are often facinated by the body and how it works. We talk about digestive health and teach children techniques they can do at home when they are feeling upset or anxious.


Pregnancy Shiatsu

60 minute treatment / $97

Nurturing and blissful treatment to relieve back and neck tension, assist fluid regulation in body, keeping the body nice and warm and strengthening the immune system.


Elderly or Disability treatments

Shiatsu helps to increase mobility in older adults, ease joint and muscle pain through gentle movement of the limbs and pressure points to stimulate energy and blood flow.


Moxibustion (Moxa)

Moxa is a herbal heat therapy that assists in moving scar tissue, aiding blood flow, pain relief and mobility. Among it’s many uses it is recommended for ease of arthritis, soft tissue injuries, lower back pain and post operative.



Helps to relieve muscle tension, cold symptoms and soft tissue injuries. Cupping removes toxins and allows more blood flow which aids in the speedy recovery of muscles.